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The League Against Evil

Held in conjunction with Warner Bros.' celebration of the 75th anniversary of DC Comics Super Hero, BATMAN, The League Against Evil showcases DC Comic Super Heroes stamps from Singapore Philatelic Museum's permanent collection as well as rare original comic art pages and collectibles on loan from collectors.

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Auspicious Designs

Learn more about this exhibition that focuses on a group of batik altar cloths generously donated to the museum by Matthew and Alice Yapp through this article that first appeared in NHB's quarterly publication, BeMuse.

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Laaobe - Changing Times: Baweanese Heritage & Culture in Singapore

From 15 March - 3 August 2014, the Malay Heritage Centre held its first ever community co-curated exhibition, Laaobe/Changing Times: Baweanese Heritage & Culture in singapore. This exhibition highlighted the Baweanese community in Singapore, whose forefathers hailed from Pulau Bawean, a small island located off the northeastern coast of Java.

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Stories from Singapore's Islands: Balik Pulau at the National Museum of Singapore

Every island has a story. Even if the stories fell silent years ago and now slumber in the minds of villagers, seafarers and fishermen who had long left their offshore homes to dwell in flats, from which they might have caught sight, on occasion, on a clear blue day, the fringes of their former haunts and paused to recall a landscape of waves that sparkled under the sun and in the sails of sleek racing kolek, of coral reefs teeming with fish, squid and crabs, rocky islands shrouded by ancient myths, mangrove swamps filled with trees on stilts, mudflats and sand banks that rose from the sea with every passing moon, and storms that swept in from Sumatra early in the morning to batter and even blow off the roofs of houses built right over the tide.

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Book Review: A Village Remembered Kampong Radin Mas 1800s-1973

Through personal anecdotes, visuals, myths, historical accounts and recipes, the book encapsulates the spirit of gotong royong, traditional Malay cultural practices and socio-political history of Kampong Radin Mas in an accessible and visually appealing manner, from the myth behind Radin Mas to the growing and developing Malay community and landmarks such as Sekolah Ugama Radin Mas and Masjid Radin Mas which were the heartbeat of the kampong.

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